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FACE Collection Policy

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FACE Collection Policy

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FACE Special Collection

To further promote and provide access to the publications and contributions of our faculty, the CBU Library has established the FACE Special Collection. The collection was created in 2013 and was born out of the Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit (FACE).

Collection Policy

The CBU Library seeks publications of CBU faculty members published in 2012 and later. The FACE Special Collection will consist of books, book chapters, articles, and essays; other published formats may also be considered. Publications will be accepted from all departments and across all languages and subjects as determined by the research activities of CBU Faculty.
The physical collection of books will be housed in the special collections room of the CBU Library and can be signed out by library patrons for in-library use only. Paper copies of articles and essays will be digitized and hosted on CBU Library’s digital repository, Sharepoint.

Contributing to the Collection

The CBU Library will initially solicit publications from CBU faculty to grow the collection. Items will be purchased, when necessary, by the library. Donations will also be accepted. Items can be submitted to Amanda McNeil.

A Note on Copyright

As with items in our general collection, the CBU Library can purchase and circulate many types of published materials (e.g., books/monographs), including faculty publications. Most publishers will allow for submission of postprint articles, etc. with and/or without publisher branding.
If you are uncertain as to your article’s copyright, please use the SHERPA/RoMEO database to determine your rights. For journals not included in the directory, please contact your publisher directly.
Items with copyright restrictions will not be added in the Sharepoint database, or will be password protected/proxied. Citation-only records of these items will still be created.
Collection Name:  FACE Special Collection
Subjects:  all subjects covered by faculty
Location:  CBU Library Special Collection Room, 2nd floor
Articles and Essays will be located here on Sharepoint
Circulation:  in-library use only
Relationship to Departments: all departments at CBU
Languages:  as published by faculty (primarily English)
Chronological Guidelines: all periods covered
Geographical Guidelines: all areas
Types of Materials: books, articles, essays, book chapters
Current Size: as yet undetermined (new collection)
Dates of Publication: 2012 - present
Future Growth: According to the research activities of CBU Faculty. Items can be donated or purchased.
Coordination/Collaboration with Other Campus Resources: Research and Graduate Studies
Other factors for consideration: None